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Lost Books

Check Out Policy

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  • Fiction 2
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Fines/Fees :

All late books will be charged .05 cents per day, per book,  after 1 grace day. 

However, fines will  be waived for any student who is out of school for any reason.  Books, however, should be returned  the first day back. 

Fines  or money owed will not prevent students from checking out books.


Lost Books :

Books pastdue over 2 weeks, (or sooner)  will be marked lost and a letter will be sent home regarding the replacement amount of library book.


Check Out Policies


Fiction 1 : 

Lower Grade Interest Level (LG), referred to as Fiction 1 , geared towards K-3 grade readers and encompasses all AR reading levels.

All  children may check out titles from Fiction 1 (LG)  knowing that the interest level is grade appropriate.


Fiction 2

Middle Grade Interest (MG), referred to as Fiction 2, geared towards 4-8 grade readers and encompasses all AR reading levels.

Only students in 3rd Grade and above may check out titles from Fiction 2 (MG) with interest level more apporpriate for the middle school reader.


Follett Shelf E-Books:

eBooks purchases are choosen by title, subject and AR reading levels.  Interest levels are either Lower Grade K-3 or Middle Grade 4_8 . 

Parental controls set in place at home, according to their own critera determines which books are appropraite for them or their children via computer access.



Library Sections

Interest Grade Level



Library Sections:

Fiction 1 *         (Lower Grade k-3 Interest Level)

Fiction 2 *         (Middle Grade 4-8 Interest Level)

Easy Section      non-chapter storybooks



* As defined by Renaissance Accelerated Reader, PHS School District's Reading Program.

Interest Grade Level:
LG—Lower Grades K–3
MG—Middle Grades 4–8
MG+—Middle Grades Plus 6 and up
UG—Upper Grades 9–12

**Just because a child can read the words in a book doesn’t mean the content is appropriate. The interest level of the material must be considered. Interest level is based on content—a book’s themes and ideas—and indicates for which age group a book is appropriate.

** excerpt from A Parent’s Guide to Accelerated Reader™ ( http://www.phsbooks.com/accelerated-reader.php)


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