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Available now!

Follett Digital Reader App

Download  eBooks on your iPad®and Android™ tablets (3.0 and above).



Follett Digital Reader app

The Follett Digital Reader app is currently available for iPads running iOS 4.0 and newer and Android tablets running Android 3.0 and newer

The iPad® App can be found in the Apple App Store. Download it today.

The Android™ App can be found in Google Play. Download it today.

See our Mobile App page for more details on the app.

  • Read online or download for offline reading
  • eBook automatically returns after the loan period expires  (7 days loan period)
  • Interface designed specifically for tablet experience
    • Intuitive gestures for page turning and page zoom
  • Online features:
    • Bookmark, Search, Dictionary, Book Info, Table of Contents, Note Taking and Highlighting
  • Offline (download) features:
    • Bookmark, Table of Contents, and Book Info
  •   Digital access to TumbleBooks


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